It just hit me. I am using Microsoft Teams, because school. A proprietary piece of malware software.

Federation, what do I do?

@hackerncoder I believe Matrix can integrate with Teams using a bridge. Not 100% but if memory serves, it can.

@hackerncoder ifyou can't convince school to switch to something better, wouldn't know what, maybe running it in a vm, with a vpn, would reduce howuch it spies. Cover your webcam with black tape and pretend it's broken to avoid video recording. Just off the top of my head

@bedef I used to run it in a VM, but uh.. Reasons? I can't remember why I stopped.

I already cover my webcam, and much of the time I don't need to have it on.

@hackerncoder Talk to your school about open tools they could use instead. Sometimes this goes nowhere, but sometimes it doesn't (e.g. BigBlueButton or jitsi or others)

@hackerncoder In my area, it's been must fruitful to get individual teachers excited -- or even "fellow students". My son has been pretty successful "forcing" some of my friends to use Jitsi, because that's what he's been using for their weekly D&D sessions.
I have gotten no traction from trying to affect education-board-wide changes (perhaps I shouldn't be that surprised, it's a big organization in a city of ~1.2M so it's slow to change).

@meejah I will see what I can do. My goal would be (and I have thought about it before) to ensure FOSS is used and thought in schools all around my country, but it may be I have to get into politics to get it done.

@hackerncoder That's a good goal for sure (and mine too, except "City" not "Country"). I also think it's important to have shorter-term goals -- and thus successes! -- like "get one friend using FOSS". Obviously, if you can get people with decision-making power excited about it too, that's a big help in the longer-term goal :)
Good luck!

@meejah I did get a friend using Ubuntu, although for how long I don't know, at least I showed him the world of Linux.

I hope I can get something to happen. Very much on our national login system, which I believe is proprietary.

@hackerncoder @meejah Well if you have to get into politics to get it done, get into politics.

@hackerncoder I have to use zoom because of my school, honestly I've considered emailing the IT department but to me its not worth the effort. You could try to bring it up (just give them a link to join I guess)

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